I was formerly an architect for many years in Edinburgh before resettling with my family here in Bridport, West Dorset. The importance of Place to my art practice is something I value; physically being here in this landscape with it’s now familiarities and continuing otherness, secrecies and revelations, finds its way into my work.

In making these artworks ideas of Process, the act of finding locally an often humble material for making and framing the pieces, together with Image – at times totemic, abstract or allusive – contend in different series of works.

With their setting in the home these artworks rub shoulders and jostle amidst a miscellany of found objects and the work of other artists and makers that we as a family enjoy.

I have always had a keen interest in the relationship of the domestic, art and making, and how these play out together aesthetically, narratively and emotionally. In this, the 20th century interiors of Kettle’s Yard, Victor Skipp and Brancusi’s Studio, where the desire to find pleasure and meaning in the juxtaposition between objects, as well as in the work themselves, are touchstones.